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「Let's get started!!」

Hello everyone and how do you do?

We've been planning about "anshare project" a year.
At last it's bagun!

I don't think you know us so let me introduce ourselves.

"Anshare" means "see you tomorrow" it's not Japanese
it's dialect of Okinawa.


(Okinawa is south island in Japan. It used to be independence country called "ryukyuu" so we got different history,culuture and launguage from Japan)

"Anshare" should use people you get along with.

What we want to do is introduce good things,people and places to you.
(Not only from Okinawa but also Japan)
And to help that you can make relatoinship with Okinawan and Japanese.

We will send you helpfull information on the net.

Let's check our blog out.

We're gonna also write that how we grow up!

Thank you for reading and looking forward to seeing you.



by anshare-project | 2009-03-12 23:54 | English
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